1. What is the light output in lumens output of each lighting strip?

2. Can I leave it plugged in continuously with my own long cord?

We suggest you'd better do not plug in the light all the time, because it may shorten the life of LED light.

3. Can these be used outside?

Yes! You can use it at outside or indoor because it is very easy to set up and use. However, this light not waterproof, do not use this product in damp places.

4. How do I charge the light?

The LED light comes with USB cable, just plug the USB connector directly into the USB port on the light. When the GREEN indicator lights up, the light is full charged. It should need to charge about 3 hrs until full charged.

5. How do you know when it is fully charged?

Plug the micro-USB cable into the LED light after plugging the other end of the cable into a power source. When charging, the small RED LED will remain lit. When it is fully charged, a GREEN LED will remain lit as long as the micro-USB cable powers it.

6. Do you have a cold white light version?

Yes, only the 10 LED light and 24 LED light have warm white and cool white version.

7. Doesn't the adhesive wear off the strip after you remove it several times to recharge the lights?

The adhesive is just between the strip and the wall. The other side of the strip is magnetic and holds the light that way. The light easily slides off of the magnetic side of the strip.

8. Can it be used when it is being charged?

Yes it can.

9. How long is the USB cable?

The USB cable is about 3.3 ft/1 meter.

10. What's the warranty of the LED light?

All of LEPOTEC LED lights provide 2 Year Manufacture warranty with 15 days money back guarantee. See more details here.

11. Are the rechargeable batteries replaceable?


12. Once motion is activated, how long to they stay on?

The LED lights can last about 3 hrs with Always-On Mode after a single full charged, and can last about 1 months about 5-10 times a day, 15-20s/time with Motion Sensing Mode.

13. Can I leave it plugged in continuously with my own long cord?

No. You will shorten the battery life of the rechargeable battery if you do so.

14. Can you turn the light on and off manually without the motion and light sensors?


15. Does the LED of the under cabinet light get really hot over time?

No, it turns off and on with motion, so it doesn't stay on that long.

16. Are the only differences between the 24 LED light and other LED lights?

24 LED light has 6 colors in 1. It comes with Leuchted White, White, Flashes White, Warm, Warm White, Flashes Warm White. You can press SETUP button to change different colors.

17. When in motion sensing mode, does this light automatically turn off? If so, how long does it stay on?

Yes, this motion sensor closet light will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if there is no any movement within its sensor range.

18. Can this be easily unmounted and mounted to charge it?

Yes, this can be very easily mounted and unmounted. Just remove from the magnet to unmount and stick to the magnet to remount after charging.

19. How do you turn them on if you don't want to use the motion-sensing option?

These rechargeable cabinet light bars have 3 modes: Instant On/Off/Motion Sensing. The mode switch is under the light bar, you can turn it to β€œON” mode if you want it always to light up.

20. How much light do these motion sensor closet lights give off?

This motion activated led cabinet lights provide 100 lumens.

21. How do these iron sheets stay on the wall?

3M dual-sided adhesive tape is included, just use the tape to stick on the wall, then stick the iron sheet on the tape.

22. Can you connect these?

These motion sensor closet lights are not connectable.

23. Do these lights give off a lot of heat?


24. If for some reason the built-in battery goes bad, can you replace it yourself?

If the battery is broken, you can contact us for replacement, but you can't replace the battery of the cabinet lights yourself.