Ambient Color Changing Light

Lepotec Ambient Color Light


Introducing The Lepotec Ambient Color Changing Light

Motion sensor ambient lighting is always a practical solution for any home, and Lepotec has helped countless homeowners transform their lighting situation. However, a new addition to the range now means that you can add even more fun and drama to any room. We now have an exciting color changing light.

Our New Color Changing Light Lets You Bring A Rainbow Of Options To Any Setting

These new lights bring the great tech you expect from Lepotec lighting solutions and add a lot more color. There are 8 colors to these night LED ambient lights to provide a full spectrum of options. You are in control of which hue to use on each panel and can alter it at any time. This adaptability extends to the button for adjustable brightness to dim the atmosphere as needed. An added bonus is the memory function, where these RGB lights recall a preferred color in an area.

This range of colors and the adaptability of the panels make this ambient lighting surprisingly versatile. The lights can bring the right tone to any area via under-cabinet applications. In fact, you can attach them to stairs, bookcases, and anywhere you can think of. The user-friendly wireless approach also means they have great potential for outdoor situations, like outdoor staircases and entertainment areas.

This is where the motion sensor tech on these panels makes so much difference. Rather than having each panel burn energy and project one color all the time, you get a little burst of color when entering an area. For example, if you place a moody purple light in a drinks cabinet, it will ony illuminate the glassware when it's time to make a drink. This energy-saving approach is great for adding an extra surprise when inviting guests over.

These Ambient Lights Are Designed To Be As User-Friendly As Possible

The aesthetics of these RGB lights are just the starting point when it comes to the benefits of home decor. The easy installation makes it simple to attach these lights to any surface for under-cabinet lighting, staircase illumination, and much more. First, you need to attach little iron sheets to the site where you want the light. These sheets have a double-sided adhesive to reduce mess. Then the magnetic attraction between the sheet and the light does the rest. This also means that the lights are easy to detach, which is essential for our final benefit.

The last reason to choose these pretty color-changing LED lights is that they are a rechargeable solution. Each light has a strong 2200mah rechargeable battery. This comes fully charged for immediate installation and has a lifespan of around 10 hours. This is perfect for parties and movie screenings where you need the lights to last well into the night. When they do run out, just detach them from their magnet, charge them with the included Type-C cable, and set them back up.

Illuminate Your Home In Style With Lepotec Ambient Lights

This color changing light can make a massive impact on the vibe of your property, transforming it into a playful home and engaging venue for parties. With the range of colors, energy-saving design, and ease of installation, you can't go wrong.